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Learn to know yourself in-depth, to help your loved ones, and to get a brand new perspective of the whole Cosmos by learning the Astrological Art with my premium programs.

Foundations? Planets? Aspects? Zodiac Signs?
Each course goes insanely in-depth with a specific astrological matter, so you can choose the one that covers the subject you want to study the most.

I open them just a few times in a year. So, join the waitlist:


• Thinking Astrologically

My Astrology course that will show you all the “whys” behind every astrology rule, law, and meaning. Knowing the “why” is what will give you solid bases and then the ability to do the right interpretations about your Chart.


• The Pillars of your Personality

My Astrology course entirely dedicated to the in-depth knowledge of Planets: To understand deeply every piece that form your own individuality.


• The 12 Paths to Self-awareness

My Astrology program entirely dedicated to the perfect knowledge of the Zodiac and its 12 Signs. To understand better how Signs influence each piece of your psyche.


• Master your Aspects – Master your Life

My Astrology course that will teach you everything about the Aspects in your Chart: What’s the difference between a Trine and a Sexitile?
Questions like that will be erased from your mind forever.
A knowledge to trigger your self-healing process and unlock your full potentials.


Make it Easy: Chart Analysis

My Astrology guide that makes you able to free yourself from all the confusion in your head while you analyze your Birth Chart.


Know your Planets, know yourself

My FREE guide that will make you able to understand yourself better learning all the astrology fundamentals and their “why”.

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