Would you like to understand why you are the way you are?  Get my –Know your Planets, Know yourself– free guide and get a clear picture of yourself


Many years ago I was struggling  to find answers to serious questions about my life:

Why do I feel like I’m not accepting myself for who I am?

Why are there patterns on my life?

Why I behave the way I do?

Why am I not able to get a clear look at myself?

So I started my journey into the ancient teachings of the great masters of the past, and one day I found all the answers I was looking for; that day I found Astrology.

Like most people, I thought that the Zodiac Sign was everything in Astrology, but all the “cookie-cutter” profiles about Signs did not satisfy me. They were superficials, incomplete and rough. Keeping learning I quickly discovered why:

What tells you everything about yourself is the position of all the Planets at the very moment of your birth. 

When I became able to understand how the astrological system works, It was like a light bulb went off in my head – that was the key.

The first time I saw my Natal Chart it was such a revelation.

It was like a deep immersion into my psyche.

It was heartwarming: I was finally able to understand myself.

Hi, I am Iordanus and I want to help you to achieve the same goal, I want to make you able to know yourself deeply learning Astrology.

I created my guide – Know Your Planets, Know Yourself – Astrology Fundamentals – to give you a practical instrument to move your first steps into your self-discovery.

It’s completely free and I’m glad to share it with you.

In this guide you will not find the “cookie-cutter” profiles of the Zodiac Signs, but how the astrological system really works, its laws, its mechanisms.

It bring out the building blocks of birth chart interpretation and will encourage you to think instead of just leaning on tradition.


“ This guide helped me a lot to understand my Birth Chart and to move huge steps forward into my path of self-discovery. 

Words like “I’m an Aquarius” gained a brand-new meaning, it was incredible understanding how my Sun in Aquarius predisposes me to be empathic toward the rest of the world and with a less affirmed ego.

Or discovering the role of my Moon in Pisces… that’s why I always feel the inner need to question me about the deepest nature of everything, and even why I have that fragile side I use to mask behind the rigidity of my main planet Saturn which is in Scorpio… those two planets match because they are both on water signs, and now I know that water is the emotional plane…  “

                                                                                                                                  – Giulia M.

“I just started learning astrology recently. I took one course so far – it covered the basics and helped a lot, but this Guide is helping me even more because I like the way Iordanus explains things, it is easy to understand for me.”

  – Jolana H.

“I read this manual. Iordanus did a fabulous job of covering the basics. I will pass it on to all my friends who have an interest in Astrology. Great work~ Thank You!”

 – Frank W.


Everything you need to start your astrological journey is in this guide and anyone even the most beginner can understand and apply it immediately.

Many “experts” have forgotten how hard it was at the beginning, they use mostly technical language without any clear explanations, they assume you know symbols, concepts and rules. They jump around shooting hundreds of notions, while you feel completely overwhelmed and lost.

In this guide you will find exactly where to start and which concepts are fundamentals to “think astrologically”.

Start discovering why you are the way you are.

Start accepting yourself.

Start learning to love yourself.

Start looking at the aspects of your personality that have been overlooked or under-shadowed.

Start knowing your strong points and your defects.

In one sentence, start looking at the road map to your life.

In – Know Your Planets, Know Yourself – Astrology Fundamentalsyou will find:


  • Why Astrology is a tool for your personal growth
  • How to get your own Natal Chart  to start studying your own psyche
  • Why your Zodiac Sign is just the tip of the iceberg 
  • The Planets, the different parts of your psyche and how they work
  • Which ones are the main points of your Natal Chart and then of your personality
  • The 12 Zodiac Signs: The key to understand every part of your psyche 
  • How to interpret the psychological meanings of your own Planets 
  • The fundamental concepts you should know about Astrology
  • The 4 Elements, how they influence your personality
  •  The 3 Qualities, which are your main tendencies  
  • How to do your own interpretation step by step to get your basic portrait



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