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In this guide, you will not find the “cookie-cutter” profiles of the Zodiac Signs, but how the astrological system really works, its laws, its mechanisms. 

It brings out the building blocks of Birth Chart interpretation and will encourage you to think instead of just leaning on tradition, or repeating some trivial words that you’ve memorized only.

Everything you need to make better interpretations of your Birth Chart is in this guide and even the most beginner can understand it and apply it immediately.

It will give you simplified explanations which go straight to the point, and all the fundamentals concepts you need to start “thinking astrologically”.

In this free guide you’ll find:

  • How Astrology is a tool for your personal growth.
    “Know yourself, and you will know the Universe and the gods.” – it was written on the doors of the ancient Temple of Delphi, it’s the first teaching for those who want to build a better life. Here you’ll learn how Astrology will help you to achieve that.  
  • The fundamental concepts you should know about Astrology.
    My long experience taught me that not all concepts are the same. There are some concepts you need to learn first to build solid bases, preventing confusion, and to be able to understand the essence of advanced astrological concepts later.
  • How to get the best graph of your Natal Chart to start studying your own psyche, because the Chart is like a picture of yourself, the window on your inner world, and the fundamental tool for practicing Astrology, so it has to be professional, clean, and full detailed.
  • The main points of your Natal Chart, and so of your personality, because Astrology is like building a house: you need to build the foundations first and the rest of the house upon them later. It’s the same for your personality; there are some fundamental pillars that support all the rest, and you need to know them. 
  • The 4 Elements and the 3 Qualities, and how they influence your personality. Alchemical Symbology is extremely important to get the true essence of the astrological laws, that’s what avoids your shallow interpretations about yourself.
  • How to interpret the psychological meanings of your own Planets, which represent the different parts of your psyche, so you can navigate your life with more ease, because you’ll know the causes of the invisible patterns on your life and not just the effects.
  • The 12 Zodiac Signs: The key to understand every part of your psyche.
    Planets are the “what”, but Signs are the “how”, so you can go deeper with your introspection and acceptance understanding the energies that influence your Planets.
  • How to do your own chart analysis to get a clear look at yourself, because the theory is fundamental, but you need to know how to put into practice what you learned using the concrete method of interpretation that I’ll give to you.

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