Learn the laws of the stars and you will learn the laws of your whole life


There is a simple truth too often forgotten: Knowledge is power.

Now imagine having the knowledge that gives you the power to do all this:

  • Understand why there are patterns in your life
  • Discover why you behave the way you behave
  • Know where you made mistakes to start accepting all your failures
  • Accept yourself for what you are
  • Discover your attitudes, your career path, your vocation
  • Know someone before you “really” know them
  • Understand the different dynamics between you and others
  • Have more and more friends and more real friendships 
  • Fix or improve your relationships with your friends, parents or children 
  • Find your best partner or even your “soul mate”

It seems hard to believe, but I assure you, this knowledge exists.

This knowledge is Astrology.

Hi, I am Iordanus, and I want to help you to learn Astrology and then obtaining the power to improve your whole life.

Many people want to know themselves deeply, discovering why they are the way they are, understanding how their psyche works.

That’s because become aware of yourself is a huge step forward to live a full and happy life.

You can see all your strong points and virtues and start to take advantage of them, and you can also see all your shadows and defects, accepting them, and even viewing how healing or overcoming them.

After you have known your inner world, the next step is understanding the others and how they interact and relate with you.

Imagine to be able to stop quarreling with your father, or rising your children in the best way for them. Imagine to be able understanding who are the best persons to make friends, or which are the best affinities with your friends to improve the bonds with them.

Imagine to know who could be your best sexual partner or who could be your best dating. Imagine to know who could be your partner for life.

Astrology can do all this.

Maybe you already know something about Astrology, maybe you started some books or got some informations around the web, but you don’t know how all the pieces fit together. 

Furthermore, the amount of things you need to learn it is huge and many “experts” talk to you like you are already a professional astrologer, without clear explanations of symbols, words, rules and concepts.

It’s easy to feel completely overwhelmed and lost.

I studied for more than 15 years the Ancient Knowledges of the World: Alchemy, Kabbalah, Gnosticism, Taoism, and more. Of course, I especially studied Astrology deeply.

I know exactly what is important to learn and where to start to make the right interpretations all by yourself.



  • Having a straight to the point, step by step detailed roadmap that tells you exactly where to start, what to learn and in what order, even if you are approaching Astrology for the first time.
  • Having a more clear, deep and serious approach to Astrology, less “dabbling with the occult”
  • No more browsing a huge amount of articles and tutorials trying to figure out what you should learn first.
  • Understanding the laws, the logic and underlying concepts of how Astrology works. If you don’t understand this, you won’t be able to do the right interpretations about stars.
  • Stopping to accept passively interpretations heard by someone else, asking yourself: “How can I know if this is right?”. If you know the rules of Astrology, you can easily understand what makes sense and what is a nonsense.
  • Knowing how to make a Birth Chart’s interpretation. This is what makes you able to understand yourself deeply, knowing the others better and viewing your compatibilities with them.


If you want all this, you are on the right place. Start here your astrological journey.

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