Move huge steps in your personal growth journey

Many people want to know themselves deeply, discovering why they are the way they are, and understanding how they are “designed”.

Because taking awareness of yourself is a huge step forward to be harmonized with who you are, and to live a balanced, full, and happy life.

If you could see all your strong points and virtues, you could start to take advantage of them, and if you also could see all your shadows and defects, you could accept them, and even viewing how to activate self-healing processes to overcome them.

That’s why you are here today looking for the Astrological Knowledge that will help you to achieve all of that.

Maybe you already know something about Astrology, maybe you started some books or you’ve got some pieces of information around the web, but you don’t know how all the pieces fit together. 

Furthermore, the amount of things you need to learn is huge, and many “experts” talk to you like you are already a professional astrologer, without clear explanations of symbols, words, rules, and concepts.

It’s easy to feel completely overwhelmed and lost.

Hi, I am Iordanus, I live in Italy, and I want to make you able to know yourself deeper, learning Astrology.

My “alchemical self-portrait”

I created my free books to give you a practical tool to move huge steps in your self-discovery.

I’ve studied for more than 20 years the Ancient Knowledge of the World: Alchemy, Kabbalah, Gnosticism, Rosicrucian, Hermeticism, Taoism, and more. Of course, I deeply studied especially Astrology. 

That 360º esoteric background gave me the ability to go in-depth with astrological knowledge because all those subjects are intimately interconnected.

So I know exactly what is important to learn first, how to explain concepts straightforwardly, and where to start to make the right astrological interpretations all by yourself.

See what my subscribers say about my free resources:

“I just started learning Astrology recently. I took one course so far – it covered the basics and helped me a lot, but this guide is helping me even more because I like the way Iordanus explains things, it’s easy to understand for me.”

Jolana H.

“ This guide helped me a lot to understand my Birth Chart and to move huge steps forward into my path of self-discovery.Words like – I’m Aquarius – or – my Moon is in Pisces – got a brand new meaning to me.” 

– Giulia M.

“I’ve read this guide. Iordanus did a fabulous job of covering all the basics. I will pass it on to all my friends who have an interest in Astrology. Great work – Thank you!”

Frank W.

“Thank you for your clear explanations of astrology – you do an excellent job. I enjoyed reading your articles and free books. I like the way you synthesize the concepts, hint at more possibilities, but don’t stray from your main purpose.”

Sharon P.

“I’m so thrilled that I found you, and your guides surprised me with their depth! I see that you have a deep understanding of Astrology. You look at the essence of things. That’s what I like.”

– Leisa A.

“I had decided that I was going to make some charts, summarizing everything that I had learned so far. I was reaching a point of frustration because of the lack of “linearity”. 

To my delight, that is what you were sharing in your Astrology Fundamentals writing. Thank you sooooo much!!! 

The charts are beautiful and very comprehensive, but you also describe step by step how to start interpreting them. I’m in the process of slowly following your instructions. Thank you, thank you… “

Mariel H.

  • A straight to the point, step-by-step detailed roadmap that tells you exactly where to start, what to learn, and in what order, even if you are approaching Astrology for the first time.
  • A more clear, pragmatic, deep, and serious approach to Astrology, less “dabbling with the occult”.
  • No more finding yourself browsing a huge amount of articles and tutorials trying to figure out what you should learn first, in which order, and what is reliable.
  • An organic understanding of the laws, the logic, and the underlying concepts of how Astrology works. If you don’t absorb deeply those things, you won’t be able to do the right interpretations about stars, and you’ll never feel confident during your analysis. 
  • No more accepting passively interpretations heard by someone else, asking yourself: “How can I know if this is right?”. If you know the rules and their “why”, you can easily understand what makes sense and what does not. 
  • The explanations about how to make a Birth Chart’s interpretation “thinking astrologically”. That’s what makes you able to understand yourself better, knowing others better, and becoming more aware of the whole world around you. 

If you’re looking for all of that, you are in the right place.

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