The 4 most frequent criticisms that skeptics do about Astrology: Your 4 smart and classy answers to them

Last weekend, I was at a party with friends. At some point, I found myself talking about Astrology with a guy I just met; We’re joking and I told him ironically: – Oh, good! Something tells me that you are a Libra! – 

So that guy suddenly answered: – Please… don’t tell me that you believe in Astrology…? Stars are just celestial bodies millions of lightyears distant from us! They cannot influence us, it’s impossible! – 

So, I taken a deep breath, I showed my best smile and then I said:

– Well, I’m sorry, but you are starting from wrong assumptions, probably because you don’t know the subject.

You’re right, stars do not irradiate none “mumbo-jumbo magical force” that influence our lives, but Astrology doesn’t say that, it uses the stars and the other celestial bodies as points of reference to measure time, not just its quantity, but its “quality” above all.

If you are born on October 18th, it says the quantity of time, but the fact that the Sun was in Libra sign, will tell you the quality of the time when you are born, and that can tell you even the quality of who you are, and that’s just to begin… –

That guy looked at me surprised and speechless. He started to realize he knows nothing about Astrology, and the only thing he said was: – Oh… interesting… –

So, from that point, I opened a brand new world to him.

Now, the point is that who study and practice Astrology, soon or later, will must “defend” himself from criticisms of people who “don’t believe it”.

Very often, some friends of mine have been in that situation, and unfortunately, they weren’t able to rebut the criticisms, simply because they had not the necessary preparation about Astrology to respond the right way, so the only thing they were able to do was mumbling something or going away in silence.

But, if you know very well how to respond to the criticisms, giving all the right argumentations and keeping a rational and reasonable point of view about Astrology, you will see all the skeptics stay in silence instead of you, because you’ll make them understand that they are talking about something they don’t know.

Always remember, that people who criticise Astrology, 90% of times they know absolutely nothing about it, so they talk with ignorance and prejudices only.

If you give them the right answers, in the right way, you will obtain 3 great results:

  1. You will show your great preparation and competence about the subject, and this shows you as an “authority” about it, not as a superstitious person.
  2. You will defend the ancient knowledges, the universal truths and what you believe in; your ideals and your values. Remember: If you are not willing to fight for your truths, why should people believe in them?
  3. You will push those people to reflect and even to change their mind about Astrology, or at least, to be open-minded about it.

Think, you could even “give start” to a new Astrologer (this actually happened to me).

So, now I will show you the 4 most frequent criticisms about Astrology, reported by my experience, my students and my friends; and, above all, how you can effectively rebut to them; because you can bet on it: soon or later you will have to do it.

I’m here to help you best prepare for that:

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