The 4 most frequent criticisms that skeptics do about Astrology: Your 4 smart and classy answers to them

Last weekend, I was at a party with friends. At some point, I found myself talking about Astrology with a guy I just met; We’re joking and I told him ironically: – Oh, good! Something tells me that you are a Libra! –  So that guy suddenly answered: – Please… don’t tell me that you believe in Astrology…? Stars are just celestial bodies millions of lightyears distant from us! They cannot influence us, it’s impossible! –  So, I taken a deep breath, I showed my best smile and then I said: – Well, I’m sorry, but you are starting from wrong assumptions, probably because you don’t know the subject. You’re right, stars do not irradiate none “mumbo-jumbo magical force” that […]

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