Know your Jupiter: Discover its strength and its meanings in your own psyche

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Jupiter in Zodiac Signs:

When I was young, I was very fascinated by Planet Jupiter, for a simple reason: Jupiter is the Lord of my Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius.

When I’ve discovered it, I had no idea of what that meant. I didn’t know anything about Astrology, just some rough informations found randomly around the web. It was the time when, like many other people, I thought that the Zodiac Sign was everything in Astrology.

But that event, that simple information, was able to give the impulse to start my journey into Astrology. A question had arose in my mind: – Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter… Jupiter? A planet of the solar system? What does it have to do with me…? –  

And so it’s started my long and wonderful research for the Astrological Knowledge.

Piece after piece, I understood that the Zodiac Sign, the position of the Sun at the moment of our birth, it’s just the beginning, and that every Planet of the Solar System is important; Each one of them represents a part of our psyche and expresses specific forces and specific psychological traits.

Of course, Jupiter has been one of my first subject of studies, and it was incredible discovering that my Jupiter precisely pushed me in learning, because it represents the thirst for knowledge.

Yes, if you are a Sagittarius or a Pisces, Jupiter can have much importance in your Birth Chart, because it rules those Zodiac Signs.

But everybody needs to know their own Jupiter , because it’s important understanding its role in your psyche and how it acts on your personality.

In Astrology, symbols and symbolism are the keys to understand concepts, and that is especially true for Planets, which have thousands of years of symbolism that speaks about them.

So, now I will give you a distillate of years of studies about Jupiter, to make you able to interpret the psychological traits it embodies. I will show you all its meanings and symbols first, and how it expresses itself when is positioned in each one of the 12 Zodiac Sign later, so you can understand your own one better and how it takes its place into the wonderful mosaic of your personality.

Let’s start.

Jupiter is the 5th planet of the solar system, and the 1st one of the Social Planets or External Planets, together with Saturn, which represents also its opposite pole.

In fact, Saturn is the Contraction, while Jupiter is the Expansion.

Jupiter in the Natal Chart represents that part of your psyche which pushes you to grow in every aspect of your life, but, above all, as a human being. The expansive strength of Jupiter works to raise the awareness and the inner richness which can pass through the mind and the soul only.

So Jupiter is the thirst for knowledge, the will to know the “why” of everything, not necessarily to use it for practical purposes, but just to understand how the Cosmos works. This will expand your vision of life, this will elevate your condition and your consciousness, and consequently will produce a change, an evolution. Evolution is the keyword of Jupiter.

A strong Jupiter in the Birth Chart means having the ability to evolve constantly, to improve your whole life, thanks to the deep reflections made after every new knowledge acquired.

That’s why Jupiter is the Planet of philosophy, from the ancient greek: “philein – sophia” = “love for knowledge”.

People with a strong Jupiter in their Birth Chart are often polyhedral and eclectic, they like learning many different disciplines and doing many activities at the same time, and they are even really good in doing them.

The great ability of Jupiter to connect and merge together all the pieces of various matters, knowledges, and experiences, gives them a great intuition: the gift to understand people, situations, contexts, and to see “the big picture” before everything is completely showed.

This strong bond with the intuition is well expressed by the alchemical symbol of Jupiter, that shows the intimate connection with the main Planet of pure intuition: The Moon.
In fact, the alchemical symbol of Jupiter is formed by the Vinegar (Matter) and the Silver (Unconscious/Emotions/Intuition) united together to form “the Tin” (Jupiter/Wisdom).

The crescent moon’ symbol is placed at the “east point” of the cross of matter, because you have to look at that cross like the cross of the sky chart formed by the 4 points AC, DC, MC, IC. So, it’s a rising moon which guides the matter: the Intuitive plane fertilizes and nourishes the Material Plane.

Knowledge and Intuition together create the Wisdom, the ability to recognize the good from the evil to make the right choices. So Jupiter represents your wisdom, and, consequently, it is also your morality and your sense of justice. 

In mythology, god Jupiter (Zeus) restored justice defeating his father Saturn (Chronos) who prevented to his sons and daughters to live freely. Allegorically, Jupiter/Zeus is the Energy (the lightning) that breaks the rigid chains of Time (Saturn/Chronos).
Differently from his predecessors, Saturn and Uranus, who wanted to be lonely tyrants, god Jupiter chooses to be an elected king who shares power, worlds, and glory with his divine brothers and sisters.

Be a natural born leaders and be surrounded by many friends and people who loves them, it’s a normal condition for those who have a strong jovial influence in their Natal Charts. If you think about it, it’s pretty obvious: knowledge, intuition, wisdom, justice; all those traits make charming and charismatic any person, so it’s easy for the other people looking for their guide.

The King, the Master, the Father, are archetypes that belong to Jupiter who was the King of the Gods. Even “the Priest” is an archetype that belongs to this Planet. It is not necessarily the priest with religious meaning, but the one who makes the sacred operations and lives the spiritual side of life. He is the one who looks for the highest aspects of Soul, thanks to his philosophical thinking, his incredible intuition and his sense of justice and harmony, which lead him inevitably to think about the superior planes of existence. The great curiosity of Jupiter pushes him to explore those planes; it’s an inexplicable inner impulse that pushes him beyond every limit, in this case, even material limits. “Expansion” is again the keyword.

The rigidity of pure rationality and the schemes of logic become burdens and constrains that Jupiter cannot stands. The Jupiter person doesn’t need them because all of his innate virtues tell him what to do; he “feels” what is right to do and where is right to go, so he goes ahead with faith.

“Faith” is another psychological trait that Jupiter embodies. It’s a 360° Faith: Faith in God, faith in Cosmos, faith in future, faith in himself, faith in other people.

So Jupiter expands even the self-confidence, the optimism, the enthusiasm and the trust in other people.

That’s why people with a strong Jupiter are extremely sociable. They like having a lot of friends and often many kind of friends, sometimes very different from them, because, again, they looking for other’s experiences and points of view to enrich themselves.

Jupiter is able to express a deep love for the others and consequently a great compassion. That makes the Jupiter person a reliable and faithful friend.

All of that, it’s pretty clear if you think that Jupiter is the Planet of the 4th Sephirah in the cabalistic Tree of Life, the Sephirah called “CHESED”, which means: – Love, mercy –. It is the holy Sephirah of the good king which takes care of everybody, ruling with justice and harmony and making the kingdom prosperous.

That Sephirah is also ruled by the Archangel Zadkiel, whose name in hebrew can means “Grace of God” or “Righteousness of God”; it underlines again the connection of Jupiter with Love, Justice and Fortune. Furthermore, Zadkiel is the Archangel of Freedom who fought by side the Archangel Michael against the evil’s forces.

Freedom and independence are strong traits for those who have a strong Jupiter in the Birth Chart. Those persons need to be free and independent to follow its quest for Truth.

Expansion, growing, prosperity: all these concepts are underlined even by the alchemical attributes of Planet Jupiter. In fact, Jupiter is “Hot and Wet” and its temperated nature is perfect to make flourishing every field of your life it touches, according to the Zodiac Sign and the Astrological House where it is positioned.

Planets don’t belong to an Element, like it’s common believing; they have Attributes [Hot, Wet, Dry and Cold] taken from the 2 Generative Forces: the Sun [Heat] and the Moon [Humidity]. So this makes Planets similar to the Elements, which also have Attributes.

Analyzing in which Zodiac Sign Jupiter is placed in your Birth Chart, can give you many informations about its condition, because you can compare its Attributes to the Attributes of the Element, to understand affinities and how Jupiter expresses itself.

We can easily make a sort of “ranking” of the best Elements for Jupiter to understand which are the best and the worst places on zodiac wheel for it:

  • 1st – FIRE [Hot and Dry] – [Sagittarius – Aries – Leo]

Because Jupiter is Hot and Wet, but more Hot than Wet because of its greatness. Furthermore, Jupiter has is diurnal Domicile in Sagittarius and it is the nocturnal Lord of the Fire’s Triplicity (Triplicity is a dignity often forgotten, I will talk about it in some future article).

  • 2nd – WATER [Wet and Cold] – [Pisces – Cancer – Scorpio]

Because Jupiter is also Wet; it has is nocturnal Domicile in Pisces and its Exaltation in Cancer.

  • 3rd – AIR [Hot and Wet] – [Gemini – Libra – Aquarius]

Because Jupiter is Hot and Wet like Air, but it has its nocturnal Detriment in Gemini.

  • 4th – EARTH – [Cold and Dry] – [Virgo – Capricorn – Taurus] 

Because Jupiter is Hot and Wet while Earth is Cold and Dry, they are very different; Furthermore, Jupiter has his diurnal Detriment in Virgo and is in Fall in Capricorn.

Differently from Venus, that is also Hot and Wet, Jupiter is more Hot than Wet because of its greatness; So it can gather a lot of light and heat from the Sun to redistribute them (of course, you have to look at this allegorically, not literally). In fact, we can consider Jupiter as the Sun in a superior plane:

Into the psyche, the Sun represents the Conscious while Jupiter represents the Super-Conscious.

The impressive gravitational field of Jupiter interacts with the one of the Sun to make stable and balanced the Solar System.

Their parallelism is also underlined by their respective cycles.

The Sun transits 1 month in each Zodiac Sign – Jupiter transits 1 year in each Zodiac Sign.

The Sun needs 12 months to make a complete turn of the Zodiac – Jupiter needs 12 years to make a complete turn of the Zodiac.

Same cycle, in a different scale.

The Jupiter’s cycle is a very important cycle in Astrology and it is also important in every culture around the world, for example, chinese astrology is completely based on Jupiter’s cycle.

Jupiter’s cycle always marks an important phase of our life. Its return on birth position in our Natal Chart every 12 years, often marks events or decisions that produce an evolution in ourselves, of course, according to the Zodiac Sign and the House where it is placed.

Well, we just saw all the symbolism of Planet Jupiter to understand better the psychological correspondences in our Birth Chart and we saw that it is full of wonderful virtues and gifts. But, even if Jupiter is always considered the “fortuna maior” (major fortune) and it has generally positive meanings and effects in our psyche, we have to remember that nothing is perfect and that Planets are not divided in “good ones and bad ones”. Every Planet has its bright sides and even its shadow sides, and so Jupiter.

Like every other Planet, Jupiter could express its shadow sides when is disturbed by other factors in the Natal Chart, for example when it is afflicted by some debilities (Detriment, Fall, etc.), or when some disharmonious Aspect gives issues to it (Squares, Oppositions, bad Conjuctions, etc.). You can find the meanings of the Aspects on this article.

One of the main shadow side of Jupiter can be inconstancy, because a strong Jupiter in the Natal Chart makes a person full of many different interests, so it’s easy for him be quickly enthusiastic for many projects and activities in his life. The point is that he cannot be able to focus properly on those projects; he starts a new project full of motivation, but when some other activity catches his interest, he easily abandons his previous project. So he could be inconstant and unable to complete what he starts.

That could be true even in personal relations or love relationships: Sometimes he is the best friend who you could ever have, and the day after he disappears completely, just because someone else caught his interest.

In a love relationship, the previous day he is the best partner, full of attentions for you and crazy in love, and the day after he follows someone else who he just met. This could easily lead to unfaithfulness.

Another shadow side connected with the previous one, can be the dissatisfaction. Jupiter has always thirst for something new, and even when it reaches excellent results in what he does, a disturbed expansive strength can make him feel constantly unsatisfied, because it wants more, it wants better, it wants bigger.

Disillusion is also a shadow side of Jupiter, that it could express when it’s particularly weak or depressed. If the optimism, the enthusiasm and the faith are repressed, they have to struggle to find a way to express themselves, so, for those who have this weak Jupiter, it could be really hard believe in something, trust someone else or even trust themselves. Every little disappointment of life becomes a proof that a better world is not possible, and that it’s useless doing something about that or believing in something greater; Consequently, it can be easy for those persons developing mistrust, skepticism and cynicism.

In this situation it’s also hard for them developing the spiritual side of life.

Furthermore, the disillusion brings lack of motivation, and lack of motivation will lead to laziness, another shadow side of Jupiter.

Well, those are some of the main shadows of Jupiter. As I said before, you need to analyze Jupiter in the Natal Chart very deeply to have a complete understanding of which bright side or shadow side it could express. Always remember that knowing if Jupiter has projecting some of its shadow sides into your psyche, will be really useful, because it makes you able to recognize bad patterns in your life and start working to overcome them; and it’s the same about its bright sides: taking awareness of them makes you able to take advantage of them.

So, now it’s time to know every single shade of Jupiter, looking at it when is positioned in every Zodiac Sign.

But first, here is for you a summary table about Jupiter, to help you remembering all its main concepts:

Well, as I said before, now we will see how Jupiter expresses itself according to the Zodiac Sign where it is positioned in the Birth Chart. That makes you capable to understand yourself more, checking where is Jupiter in your Birth Chart, or even understand better your partner or your friends, analyzing their own Jupiter.

So let’s proceed:

– Condition: Peregrine – Nocturnal Fire Triplicity 

– Element: Fire -Cardinal

– Bright side: Determined and brave

– Shadow side: Arrogant

– Archetypal figure: The warrior king

When Jupiter is in Aries on the Birth Chart, it expresses the qualities of the “warrior king”.

He’s the god Jupiter who guided the other gods during the “Titanomachy”, the war against Saturn and the other Titans to restore justice in the Olympus.

The person with Jupiter in Aries is an enthusiastic leader who drags people, sometimes even with arrogance, toward some great goal.

There’s no time for prudence, reflection or diplomacy: it’s time for action and to use power and strength to impose the own will unleashing the power of Jupiter’s lightning. No reply allowed.

So the wisdom of Jupiter is decreased by the impulsiveness of Aries and the love for studies and knowledge becomes more oriented on learning through life experiences rather than books or deep philosophical reflections, but that’s enough to create a balance between the impulsiveness of Aries and the temperance of Jupiter.

Here Jupiter expands the ambition. It gives love for challenges, often even impossible challenges, because of the great self-confidence, courage and optimism, but that could mean even having some big and burning disappointment.

All of that, because even pride is expanded by Jupiter, so it’s difficult to him accepting  to be defeated, but in any case, he never cheats or looks for shortcuts to get victory, because of Jupiter’ sense of justice: He works hard with determination and concentration and tries again and again, until he wins.

Generally this Jupiter gives all the psychological attitudes to win competitions, not in sports only, but any kind of competition in life, thanks even to Jupiter’s lightning that gives its incredible energy to those who has it. So, it’s pretty easy for this person getting career successes, material secureness and also many successes in love affairs.

– Condition: Peregrine

– Element: Earth – Fixed

– Bright side: Flourishing

– Shadow side: Lazy

– Archetypal figure: The hedonist god 

When Jupiter is in Taurus on the Birth Chart, its expansive strength acts to create any kind of concrete satisfaction, with a great emphasis on sensorial pleasures.

Love for good food, love for good wine, love for massages, sauna, body wellness and all the relaxing activities, and, above all, love for erotic pleasure.

It’s the god Jupiter who loves drinking wine, eating nectar and ambrosia, and who looks for many sexual adventures because he likes sex; he is able to savor deeply every single moment of it. This makes often the Jupiter-Taurus person seductive and sexy.

It doesn’t mean necessarily that the Jupiter-Taurus person is unfaithful, it could be if some disharmonious Aspect involve it, but generally he is a faithful lover, just because he doesn’t like problems and prefers certainties.

In fact, the love for knowledge of Jupiter is not philosophical here, no abstraction and less spirituality; the knowledge has to produce concrete results.

The flourishing nature of Jupiter can expresses itself well in the reign of Venus, the ruler of Taurus; they are both “temperated planets”, Hot and Wet, so this person likes studying and learning new ways to increase his assets, but always without risks: generally he likes saving and accumulating.

Despite that could seem greed, it is not; Jupiter is still very generous in Taurus, so he really likes sharing everything with friends.

The Jupiter-Taurus person loves even arts, especially visual arts and music, because they satisfy his eyes and his ears. With a good placement of Venus, he could be even very creative and becoming a good artist.

Often, that love for comfort and life pleasures, make this person pretty lazy, one of the shadow sides of Jupiter, because Jupiter is peregrine in Taurus, yes, but the element Earth-Fixed is not the best place for it (Earth is Cold and Dry).

– Condition: Exile (Detriment) [nocturnal] 

– Element: Air – Mutable

– Bright side: True expert on many fields

– Shadow side: Cynic 

– Archetypal figure: The teacher

When Jupiter is in Gemini it is in Exile, but you don’t have to be afraid about that, there’s no tragedy here, just a different shade of Jupiter.

Here it has to struggle to express itself, “effort” is the key word here (read even “Jupiter in Virgo” for having more details about this condition).

That’s true especially for the intuitive and philosophical side of Jupiter; Gemini is an Air Sign, the reign of mind, logic is the master here, so the pure intuition has less space.

The person with Jupiter in Gemini has difficulties to appreciate and understand humanities like literature, history, philology and philosophy of course.

He respects them, but his mind, and his Jupiter, is more attracted by scientific disciplines, where the desire to learn of Gemini and the thirst of knowledge of Jupiter met.

That’s true especially about math or even “technical” disciplines, like sports, performing arts, music and all those matters where you need to learn and apply technics and methods; on those fields he can easily become a true master.

All of that also predisposes the one with Jupiter in Gemini to be a great natural teacher, because of the authority of Jupiter united with the great communication of Mercury, ruler of Gemini. He naturally feel the need to teach to the others what he learned and feels it very comfortable, furthermore the charisma of Jupiter helps him to transmit authoritativeness.

So this Jupiter also makes him extremely sociable and intolerant to loneliness.

The real limit of the Jupiter-Gemini person can be his lack of faith; the spirituality and the religiosity of Jupiter have to struggle to find a way to express themselves. This person can be religious or having a spiritual side, but it’s hard for him believing in something just for faith: He always needs to find the intellectual side of religions.

This could predispose him even to be pretty cynical and tending to be pessimist.

– Condition: Exaltation or Elevation

– Element: Water – Cardinal

– Bright side: Protective and generous 

– Shadow side: He doesn’t care about himself

– Archetypal figure: The Father of the Gods

Jupiter in Cancer is in Exaltation, and that’s pretty clear if you think about the bond between Jupiter and the intuition of the Moon, ruler of Cancer, that I previously showed you.

Here the god Jupiter is in the reign of his beloved daughter Artemis (Diana for the latins), the goddess of the Moon. “Paternity” is precisely the main trait which Jupiter expresses here: he is “Jupiter the Father of the Gods”.

Of course, that isn’t literally, but on symbolic way which means especially 2 main attitudes for those who have this Jupiter in the Birth Chart: a prolific imagination and a great sense of care for the others.

That’s the same for men and women, you have to look at the symbolism of “father of gods”, it doesn’t matter the physical gender.

God Jupiter generated almost half of the olympians gods and many demigods. This means that the expansive strength of Jupiter exalts especially the great imagination of Cancer, so the person with this Planet here is very prolific in artistic disciplines above all; Books, theater, comic books, movies, songs, etc., he is very gifted on those kind of human expressions and in need to produce something continually.

The second trait of “father Jupiter” is the great empathy and sense of protection that this person feels for the others, not familiars only, but each one of his friends and often even unknown people.

God Jupiter is the god that more than others take care of his children: He glorified his son Apollo, he helped his sons Hercules and Perseus when they was in danger, he carried his son Dionysus in his thigh to permit him to survive.

The person with this Jupiter is incredibly sociable and full of friends that love him, because he is a point of reference for everybody, he is someone who helps all those who are in difficulties and he shares his abundance and joy with everybody, and he does all this totally disinterested. He acts in a very paternal way, he expresses the qualities of the sweetest father.

But all that exaggerated generosity could create issues about caring himself. Often this person is so full of activities to do and so busy to taking care of the others that many times he forgets about himself. This could lead to unnecessary stress and difficulties in building his own life.

– Condition: Peregrine – Nocturnal Fire Triplicity 

– Element: Fire – Fixed

– Bright side: Noble leader

– Shadow side: Big Ego

– Archetypal figure: The King of the Olympus 

The King of the Planets, Jupiter, meets the King of Zodiac, Leo.

Here Jupiter expresses the role of “God Jupiter, the King of the Olympus”.

Under his kingdom, there is order, justice and harmony in the Olympus.

The Jupiter-Leo person is authoritarian, full of self-esteem and self-confidence, very generous, noble, energetic and flourishing.

With this position of Jupiter on the Birth Chart is really easy getting self-affirmation and success on every side of life. Consequently, the person with this Jupiter easily attracts admiration, honors and the favor of the others.

Inside social groups this person tries to take control and take decisions for everybody, not because he likes to be a boss, but because he wants to lead them for better.

The only issue with this, is that the Jupiter-Leo person is often perceived as a conceited, because he takes the leader position even if nobody asked him to do that, but the point is that he does that unconsciously, it’s natural for him behave like that, this is it.

He knows that under his guide, everything will be good and everybody will be happy, and that is true, because here Jupiter expresses very well its wisdom, so the Jupiter-Leo person is very often right.

The point here is that nobody likes impositions, so this person has to remember it and try to keep control of his Ego.

It could be hard for him, because here Jupiter is in the reign of his favorite son Apollo/Helios; he is so pride of him. “Pride” is a strong trait of this planetary position because the expansive action of Jupiter acts on the Sun/Ego of the “Lion”.

So Jupiter-Leo person doesn’t like to be ignored and he always looks for the admiration and credits from the other people. If Jupiter has some disharmonious Aspect, paradoxically, he could become even dependent from other people’s admiration.

– Condition: Exile (Detriment) [diurnal]

– Element: Earth – Mutable 

– Bright side: Excellent at work

– Shadow side: Hyper-critic

– Archetypal figure: The skeptic 

Jupiter in Virgo is in Exile, is not the best place for it but, like Gemini its other exile, we have not tragedies with this position, but simply a low expression of Jupiter, which produces specific psychological traits, very good in their particular fields.

Very similar to Jupiter in Gemini (read even “Jupiter in Gemini” above to have more details), the Jupiter-Virgo person has difficulties to appreciate humanities and prefers sciences.

He has to struggle to understand the valor of philosophical thinking, more than Jupiter-Gemini person, because the Mercury of Virgo, its ruler,  is not an Air Mercury, rapid and mental, but it’s an Earth Mercury, extremely rational, rigid and pragmatic. Remember that Mercury in Virgo is even in Exaltation.

The Jupiter-Virgo person is very precise and focused on details, so it’s hard for him seeing the big picture, because that needs more intuition and reflection, traits of Jupiter very low here.

Very often, life is an equation for that person, everything is a scheme, a project that cannot have surprise or inexplicable things: His motto could be: “Something exists just if you can touch it”.

That makes this person an hyper-critic: he needs to critic everything, he needs that everything has to be showed, proofed and verified, especially all those things that needs some “faith”, spirituality and transcendence of course, but even the emotions and the feelings of the other people.

The Jupiter-Virgo person is the perfect skeptic.

There are 2 main issues about that:

  1. He can become a true cynic, especially if disharmonious Aspects affects Jupiter.
  2. The Jupiter-Virgo person critics even himself always, so he also underestimates himself and that could means an useless long dissatisfaction.

But no worries, because all those traits will produce even great results on Jupiter-Virgo person’s life, because Virgo is even the Zodiac Sign of the prosperity, symbolized by the ear of corn that the “virgin” holds in her hand in the constellation, where the Fixed Star “Spica” is, it’s the Star of Prosperity and one of the most “lucky” star of the sky.

The Jupiter-Virgo person has a great capacity of concentration, if he focus on some task, all his essence is in there, he works hardly and is extremely diligent and persistent. That makes him even totally reliable because he is a true perfectionist: if you want an excellent work, he is your man.

He has all the right tools to become a recognized excellence on those fields where he works.

 – Condition: Peregrine

– Element: Air – Cardinal

– Bright side: Sense of beauty and justice

– Shadow side: Snooty

– Archetypal figure: The judge 

Jupiter in Libra gives a deep love for harmony that expresses itself through the balance between aesthetic and ethic.

The Jupiter-Libra person has a very refined taste for arts and beauty in each one of its expressions, but at the same time, he has also a great sense of justice and morality, because the inner beauty and the exterior beauty have the same importance for him.

The wisdom of Jupiter matches very well with the tolerance of Libra; this person respects the others and tends to avoid any kind of contrast, but the justice of Jupiter cannot accept wrong actions, immoral behaviors, corruptions or injustices committed by someone else, so he feels the need to do something to “correct” those people, or even to “punish” them.

The knowledge of Jupiter united with the intellectual plane of the Air of Libra give to him a great dialectical ability and the capacity to face any kind of verbal fight. He is very good in using words to punish those who deserve it, but even to reward them.

The Jupiter-Libra person has the qualities of “the judge”; like the god Jupiter punished the villains with his lightnings and curses, and gave gifts and rewards to those heroes who acted for good.

Sometimes he can be perceived as snooty by others, especially because he is direct and blunt with his words, but his great generosity and integrity is capable to attract many friends.

The sociability of Jupiter works very well with the Air-Venus of Libra; he is very seductive and charming, not like the more “physical” Earth-Venus of Taurus, but using the intellectual power to charm the mind of people around him.

This person is really good on love relationships and could have many of them in his life, but one at a time always, because his integrity makes him a faithful lover.

– Condition: Peregrine

– Element: Water – Fixed

– Bright side: Extraordinary intuition

– Shadow side: Overthinking 

– Archetypal figure: The wizard

The thirst for knowledge of Jupiter, in Scorpio becomes a great passion for all the deepest sides of life. This planetary position predisposes to be attracted by all the esoteric disciplines, the mysteries of the world and everything that is “occult”, from its real meaning: “occult” = “hided”. Of course, the spirituality of Jupiter matches very good with this.

That’s because the Jupiter-Scorpio person wants to dive into the human soul completely. He cannot accept the surface, he needs to go beyond the surface of everything: himself, the other people, mankind, God, the Cosmos, etc.

In Scorpio, the need for learning of Jupiter expresses itself in making this person an optimum observer, he is capable to notice and elaborate every single little detail about people, matters and situations, and, consequently, understand them very fast and very deeply, and above all take their intimate essence.

Observation, deepness, knowledge, intuition: this Jupiter can give a sort of “prophetic intuitions”  to those who have it in their Natal Horoscope. It’s a true infallible sixth sense.

Those are the gifts from Jupiter when meets the occult fire of his brother Pluto, the other Lord of Scorpio. That fire sometimes is painful, because transformation passes through crisis, and crisis means pain.

Very often the Jupiter-Scorpio person torment himself with thoughts, reflections, overthinking, because that research for deepness makes him really demanding and ambitious in every aspect of life: job, relationships, shopping, sports, etc.

If you take him on a bad moment during that torment, he can be able to really hurt you with his razor words.

Fortunately, the wisdom and the strength of Jupiter makes him capable to overcome every crisis and rise again renewed and stronger.

Because of all those things, it’s pretty impossible don’t be charmed by the Jupiter-Scorpio person; he has that irresistible “magnetic charm” of the deep soul.

He can be incredibly seductive and passional.

– Condition: Domicile (Rulership) [diurnal] – Nocturnal Fire Triplicity

– Element: Fire – Mutable

– Bright side: Wisdom

– Shadow side: He is a little bit inconstant

– Archetypal figure: The old Sage

Jupiter in Sagittarius is in domicile, it is inside his reign, here, it has full balanced power. We could say that it is “Iupiter Optimus Maximus” (Jupiter the best and the greatest), an epithet of Jupiter used by ancient romans to define the supreme expression of god Jupiter (read even “Jupiter in Pisces” to have other info about this condition).

Here it expresses all the best qualities that I showed you above speaking about Jupiter’ symbolism, just remember that some Aspect could create little issues or some other benefit.

So, the Jupiter-Sagittarius person looks for any kind of knowledge: through books, through experiences, through people, through life. He is farsighted and open minded.

That makes him polyhedral, eclectic and a true expert in a great amount of different matters. He can easily become literally a real “know-it-all”, and he is able to take the best parts of every field to restore and maintain Justice and Balance in his own life.

All of that, just because he has a strong impulse to self-improvement, to growing, to evolution as human being first and as a leader later, thanks to the powerful expansive strength of Jupiter in Sagittarius.

He is wise, really wise. When the Sagittarius Sign meets Jupiter, it embodies the centaur Chiron, the sage of the sages, who was the mentor of the greatest heroes.

In fact, the Jupiter-Sagittarius person is incredibly sociable and often a natural leader, a point of reference, a charismatic master that can guide you through any trial and toward any goal.

Philosophy, spirituality, religion or even metaphysic, are fields where this person feels like home, thanks to his knowledge, but even thanks to his intuition and his unbreakable faith.

Here, the Moon into the Jupiter’s alchemical symbol becomes the bow of the Sagittarius that gives him a direct bond with the superior planes of the psyche, where the pure intuition is, and where dreams and imagination born.

With that powerful bow he is capable to launch his arrow to the far highest points and hit the target.

That means original ideas, ambition, enthusiasm, self-confidence, optimism and success in any aspect of life where this person focus his great resources.

Just a note: Sometimes too much interests and activities makes this person a little bit inconstant, so it could be hard for him understanding what he really want to do.

– Condition: Fall (Depression)

– Element: Earth – Cardinal

– Bright side: Integrity and ethic 

– Shadow side: Very mistrustful

– Archetypal figure: The final Trial

Jupiter in Capricorn is in Fall, but don’t worry, there are no tragedies in this. The Cardinal Earth of Capricorn is not a good place for this Planet, but Jupiter is still the “Fortuna Maior” (Major Fortune), so, despite it is repressed here, it’s still able to produce some great benefits.

The Jupiter-Capricorn person is very ambitious and looks for great goals or wants to reach a good social status. The “royal side” of Jupiter fits pretty good here together with its sense of Justice, that gives to this person an incredible integrity and a perfect ethic, even thanks to the great sense of duty of Capricorn. That makes him even efficient, precise, responsible and a very reliable person. If you need someone trustful to do an important job or to entrust something precious, he is your man.

The main issue here is that it is not the same for him: Mistrust is a strong trait of the Jupiter-Capricorn person. That’s because Jupiter is the Planet of faith and optimism, and the “Earth-Saturn” of Capricorn (its ruler) represses them, so Jupiter tends to expresses its shadow sides like the lack of faith. Into the Earth element, more material and less spiritual, becomes lack of faith in other people above all.

It could be really hard getting the trust of this person, but if you get it, you gained a true friend and a powerful allied.

That’s because the Jupiter-Capricorn person is scared to be disappointed and hurt by other people. In the long distance, all of this could lead him to disillusion (shadow side of Jupiter) and consequently, even to laziness (another shadow side of Jupiter), because disillusion easily causes lack of motivation and then no will for acting.

All of that predisposes him to cynicism, pessimism, and incapacity to be enthusiastic for anything new, because the supremacy of pure rationality restrains that “sense of magic” of Jupiter. Into this context, it’s easy for him declaring himself as atheist or maybe agnostic.

The key to understand this planetary position lies into the concept of “trial”. Capricorn is the place for the final trial of god Jupiter; it’s the moment of the final challenge against his father Saturn for the throne of the World. Remember that Saturn is the supreme “Guardian of the Threshold”: The “Gate of God” is in Capricorn, and Jupiter has all the resources to overcome his hard test, he has to believe it.

There are no half-measures here: the Jupiter-Capricorn person has to face up his personal trials, like believing in himself, believing in others and believing in a possible better world; if he looses, he is nothing, but if he wins, he will be the King of the Cosmos.

– Condition: Peregrine

– Element: Air – Fixed

– Bright side: Idealist and gifted 

– Shadow side: Rebel

– Archetypal figure: The Divine Providence

Jupiter matches good with Aquarius, because the element Air is the mind plane, which in Aquarius becomes intellectuality, and the philosopher Jupiter loves it and expands it very well. The person with this Jupiter in the Natal Chart loves knowledge, especially all those knowledges that permit to him an elevation; all the metaphysical fields are often his favorites, and so the esoteric disciplines.

Aquarius is already idealist and dreamer, but the intuition and the justice of Jupiter expands those traits beyond limits; this person always looks for the highest ideals and is often a visionary who follows some utopian ideal.

That’s because the Air-Saturn of Aquarius it’s a bit different from the Earth-Saturn of Capricorn. This is the reign of Saturn of the “Golden Age”, a perfect world without corruptions embodies by the mythical land of Arcadia. Arcadia is the site where Jupiter has placed his father Saturn after his long punishment into the Tartarus, in a sort of final reconciliation.

All of that makes the Jupiter-Aquarius person often a nonconformist who doesn’t like follow “the mass”, the trend, or the common thinking because he sees them as wrong or imperfect; so he feels the need to fight for changing things for the better. It’s easy for him becoming a real rebel, a rebel who would never use violence, but who fights with elegance using his extraordinary intellectual weapons.

The only trouble with this, it’s that he could never feel at “the right place” or actually part of something, and that often causes him inner suffering.

He never looks for elevation just for himself, but always to help his friends, the people around him or even to try to save the whole mankind.

Jupiter creates a good bond between this person and the intuition plane, in the highest place of the psyche, so he is able to see the big picture about a particular situation and problems, especially about his friends or other people, and he is really good in finding solutions. This person naturally feels the need for helping others and saving them from trouble, thanks to his wonderful ideas and the many gifts that Jupiter gave to him.

So he has the gratitude and the admiration of the people around him which often perceives him as a “gift” from the heaven, came in the darkest time.

“Rescue” and “succor” are 2 main psychological concepts of Jupiter in Aquarius, symbolized by the “water bearer” in the myth of Ganymede, the young man who rescued with his water a thirsty Jupiter transformed in eagle (the Eagle constellation is next to Aquarius).

But this is the late greek version of the Aquarius’ constellation, which is one of the most ancient. For the ancient egyptians, “Aquarius”, the water bearer, was the figuration of the god Nile, who brought each year, nourishment, prosperity and life to them, like a real divine providence.

– Condition: Domicile (Rulership) [Nocturnal]

– Element: Water – Mutable

– Bright side: Creative and merciful 

– Shadow side: A little bit naive

– Archetypal figure: The fool 

Jupiter here is the ruler, so it expresses his full balanced power. That produces psychological traits very similar to Sagittarius, its other domicile (read also “Jupiter in Sagittarius” to have more info): wisdom, justice, knowledge, sociability, etc, but the Water Element gives even a different shade of this expansive power.

Water Element represents the Emotional Plane which is connected to the unconscious. Here the Moon into the Jupiter’ symbol become one of the 2 moons that compose the alchemical symbol of Pisces Sign; the crescent Moon of Artemis which is the source of the pure imagination, intuition and fertility.

The Jupiter-Pisces person is full of imagination, a great dreamer often very creative, not necessarily through art, but in every side of life. He is able to imagine new ways and new shapes for old things, he doesn’t like ordinariness; “extraordinariness” is his keyword, and he is perfectly capable to make it reality.

He is curious, very optimist, ambitious, exuberant, full of interests, and full of faith in other people above all.

He believes that everybody have something good within and he wants to see it. It makes it incredibly sociable and capable to be quickly enthusiastic for every new encounter and also able to give himself completely to the others. He is full of compassion and capable to forgive everything: it’s very rare for him keeping rancor.

The only issue with this, is that too much optimism and a blind faith in others could make this person a little bit naive.

All of that, because he perceives the other people as “the mankind”, a piece of Everything, which transcends a single little life and arrives on the highest plane of existence.

In Pisces the spirituality of Jupiter expands itself beyond every limit, helped even by his brother Neptune, the other ruler of this Sign.

The Jupiter-Pisces person transcends the common concept of spirituality, like religions, dogmas, rites, etc.; he is more mystical, and looks for the deepest places of the human soul first, and of the Cosmos later, and all of this without the help of logic or rationality: it’s pure intuition that comes from the depths of the Unconscious. So he simply “feels” what’s right and what’s wrong, what to believe and what don’t believe.

Occult sciences, esoteric disciplines and metaphysics are fields where he usually is at home, because are helpful for the research of God and the quest for enlightenment that he is facing.

Despite this person is admired and loved by others, he is also perceived as “strange” or even “fool” (in a good way), because his Jupiter often leads him out the normal paths, but that will make all the difference during the road to success.

That quote by F. Nietchze could represent the whole essence of Jupiter in Pisces: “Those who dance are considered fools by those who cannot hear the music”.


Always remember that is fundamental considering the Aspects, the Dignities, the Debilities and the Astrological House that involve Jupiter to have a deep understanding of it, and of course, it is important even considering how it combines with your Sun Sign.

We just saw “what” Jupiter is, and its combinations with a specific Zodiac Sign that tell us “how”  the King of the Planets expresses itself into the psyche.

And we also saw how symbolism, again, it’s the true key to understand Astrology, and understanding Astrology means understanding your world.

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