The Birth Chart: Understanding the graph, how it works and why it’s an indispensable tool to understand yourself

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When I started studying Astrology, I perfectly remember the confusion and the frustration that I felt the very first time I saw a Natal Chart.

Doctor Angiolucci, who was introducing me to Astrology, showed me the drawing of a Birth Chart and then he started: – “Do you see? Jupiter is in Leo and in the 8th House so it means that…”– and – “Do you see? The Sun is above the horizon so it means this…”– and – “Do you see? Mercury and Mars are in Square so it means that…” –

My face was like: “Ah, of course! Oh yes! Naturally!”, but inside my mind was like: – “Horizon?! Where do you see the horizon?? Strange symbols?? Numbers?? Lines?? Letters?? Colors?? Tables?? What a hell is this circle??!”– .

It seemed to me like watching an ancient Egyptian papyrus.

So I interrupted Angiolucci: – “Excuse me, I cannot understand what this drawing is, what’s that graphic? Why is it a circle? How it works? Why do I need that stuff to study Astrology?”–

Angiolucci answered: – “It is a scheme of the sky at the very moment of your birth, it’s obvious!” –

Me: – “Sorry Doc, IT ISN’T!”–

Now, don’t misunderstand me, Doctor Angiolucci was very good at Astrology, the point is that many experts very often talk to you like you are already a professional astrologer. They forgot how hard was at the beginning, and everything is completely new for a total beginner.

There are many people who are very interested in Astrology, but they never saw a Natal Chart, they don’t know how to get one, and, above all, they don’t know how it works and why it is useful, and even when they obtain it, they feel completely frustrated and lost.

It’s easy for them to feel despondent and then they abandon.

So, now we will see how to obtain a good graphic of your Natal Chart, and we will analyze every single piece of it, to understand how it works, its basic psychological meanings, why it is helpful to make the right psychological interpretations and why it’s a powerful tool for your personal growth.  

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If you misunderstand the Astrological Houses, you misunderstand important parts of your personality

A few months ago, my friend Dario, who is starting studying his own Natal Chart, sent me a whatsapp message: –  “Hey, I have to ask you something. My 2nd house is empty, there are no planets, is that means I will never have enough money? Or that am I not capable generating richness?”

First of all, it makes me smile, and then I reassured him about his attitude on financial affairs. But I also remembered that when I started learning Astrology I had the same problem with my “empty houses”,  so I searched for a deep explanation about the system of the Astrological Houses and their symbolism, which is the key to understand their psychological correspondences.

It was hard to find remarkable material about Houses, the most part was very rough and superficial, but after a long period of researches, I was able to fit all the good pieces together to understand their true mechanism.

A couple of weeks later after the message from Dario, it happened the same with my friend Carlo, who asked me about his “empty” 10th House, and 10 days ago even Giulia asked me about her “empty houses”.

So I understood that the “Houses System” is very often misunderstood or underrated by beginners, and it is normal, because they have often a superficial knowledge about it, received from some rough web articles or from those I define “profane astrologers”, and unfortunately there are many of them.

Then I’m here, because the psychological meanings of the Astrological Houses is really deep and it’s important understanding them.

They deserve a better analysis, because the informations obtained through them are really useful to complete the portrait of your own personality or the portrait of a friend, related, or others.

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