– The Pillars of your Personality – is currently closed:

My course, “The Pillars of your Personality” gives you the knowledge you need to understand your planets better and raise your self-awareness.
You’ll be able to shine a light on parts of your psyche that are hidden and see who you really are. 

In – The Pillars of your Personality –  you’ll find:

  • • 9 modules with 16 video-lessons that explain the important concepts and reasons behind the planets and how they affect your inner dynamics. This will help you understand ‘how you are designed.’
  • • In-depth explanations of symbology, including psychological connections, the origins of planetary symbols, Dignities and Debilities of planets, archetypes, shadow sides of Planets and how they manifest, and much more. You’ll learn how to use these symbols to make accurate interpretations of your personality, and even if this is your first approach to symbology.
  • • A logical path of learning, with a pragmatic and scientific approach. The explanations are laser-focused in what is important and why, and they are easy to grasp. You’ll find also a one-by-one analysis of each planet and its psychological effects. This will help you make sense of all the information you’ve gathered over the years and fill in any gaps in your knowledge.
  • • A practical method for interpreting your planets, with real-life examples to help you avoid confusion and frustration. 
  • • All the tools and knowledge you need to understand yourself better through a deep and complete understanding of your own planets. 

 The Pillars of your Personality is currently closed, but when a spot opens up, you can be the first to know. Just sign up for the course waitlist below.

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