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I have designed this course  highlighting the deepest symbology of Signs and explaining why it should be implemented in a specific manner.

It took me at least a decade to acquire these concepts, months of research to create the course, and years to complete it. And then, I streamlined the entire material, including my personal guidelines and suggestions to interpret your Planets’ placement, making this new course.

  • Alchemical symbology of the 12 Signs: Understanding in-depth the psychological interpretations of Fire Signs, Earth Signs, Water Signs, and Air Signs.
    What means being “Cardinal Fire” (Aries) instead of “Fixed Fire” (Leo)? What’s the difference between them? And how can you use that knowledge to make better interpretations about yourself and your life?
    Here you’ll find all the answers, to those Fire Signs and even for all the other Zodiac Signs of course.
  • Archetypal figures analysis. Why does the archer of Sagittarius is a centaur? And what does teach us the archer figure about how that Sign influences Planets?Those and all the other questions about all the Signs will be answered, so you can look at your Planets’ placement from a brand new perspective.
  • Which are the main needs that pushing you? Each one of the 12 Zodiac Signs embody a specific need: Need for analyzing, need for competition, need for socializing, need for approval; Those and many others are the unconscious forces that influence your behaviour through your Planets’ placement. You’ll discover all of them here.
  • Guidelines to interpret each Planet on every Sign. What does mean your Mercury in Leo? Or your Venus in Cancer? Or your Saturn in Gemini?
    Here you’ll find all my personal guidelines and suggestions to understand how your personal Planets are influenced by the 12 Signs, and with effects they manifest into your personality.
  • Lifetime access. So you can follow all the lesson everywhere, at any time, and at your own pace. 

The 12 Paths to Self-awareness focuses on the true essence of the 12 Zodiacal Signs and how to use that to get the right and deep interpretations from your chart. 

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