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Having the in-depth knowledge of your natal Aspects it’s a necessary step in your journey of discovering who you are and how your internal psychological mechanisms influence your life.

My program – “Master your Aspects, Master your Life” – will naturally, logically, and simply guide you through this step.

Here’s what you’ll get from – Master your Aspects, Master your Life – :

  • A crystal clear view of the respective differences between all the Aspects. All this and much more is what will allow you to see clearly why you behave the way you do, and also all those parts of your personality that are hidden, neglected or unconscious.
  • The full understanding of the astronomical, symbolic, and metaphysical concepts that form the basis of Aspects in Astrology.
    If you’re reading this today, it means that while you were browsing the web looking for explanations on how to understand your chart, you stumbled upon me, and the depth of the content I’ve provided so far has convinced you to stay.

    So, you already grasp the importance I place on the “whys” behind astrological interpretations. Aspects, like any other aspect of Astrology, are no different: it’s much more crucial for you to learn “how it’s done” and “why it’s done this way” rather than simply memorizing the meanings of a Trine or a Conjunction.
    My course is designed with the explicit purpose of teaching you the “why” of Aspects, as it’s the only way you’ll attain your true and complete psychological portrait and the deeper understanding of yourself you’re seeking.
  • What is an orb, why are they important in accurately calculating your Aspects, and what are the correct orbs you should use.
    When we analyze Aspects, we can no longer afford to be approximate, or you would risk spending your whole life believing you have a Square that actually isn’t there, or vice versa, a Sextile that truly didn’t form at your birth.
    That’s why it’s very important to use the correct parameters for calculating Aspects and not rely entirely on online calculators, which often are too approximate.
  • How to figure out the “Planet creating the Aspect,” the one that rules it. This seemingly unimportant information will actually prove crucial in helping you interpret your Aspects easily. You won’t have to deal with the frustration of not understanding well how the two planets in Aspect interact and how you should “blend” their meanings.
  • Full understanding the intensity of your Aspects (because Aspects have their own intensity), which of your Aspects are Waxing and which are Waning (because Aspects are also divided this way), and what all of this entails within your psyche, what kind of psychological effects will show up in your life.
  • You will be able to clearly identify which Aspect of your Chart is responsible for some negative patterns in your life or which Aspect gives you your particular personal virtues. This will allow you to have a precise subject to focus your efforts on to change for the better. 
  • My advice on how to handle the most critical points of your personality and take advantage of the most virtuous traits, with particular emphasis on your Aspects, such as challenging Aspects or harmonious Aspects that can be exploited to your advantage. 

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