Let’s look in depth into your inner world.

Stop feeling confused and lost in your life. Discover how you are “designed”, so you will finally have awareness of who you are and what you are really worth.

Get a clear and in-depth analysis of your Birth Chart, so you can finally:

  • See what your natural attitudes and predispositions are.

  • Understand what causes your struggles and failures.

  • See where to apply yourself to correct unhealthy behaviors.

If you’re like me, you became interested in astrology because you discovered that your natal chart is a powerful tool that allows you to look deeply into yourself and therefore see all those parts of yourself that are hidden, neglected or completely unconscious.

Many years ago now, I took my first steps into the world of astrology, and I wasn’t yet able to correctly interpret the various pieces of my natal chart. I only knew some basic meanings of planets and signs, and all I could get from my natal chart were mostly random, confused, and disjointed concepts, but above all superficial.

Then, I had the great opportunity to get an in-depth analysis of my Birth Chart from my first astrology teacher. It was a day I will never forget:

It was as if a lightning bolt had struck me straight in the head, waking me up from a long sleep.

Finally, all those parts of my psyche that were completely unconscious or buried were thrown in my face, which, no matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t see before, even though they had always been there in front of me.

As I read the report of my natal chart, I was like, “It’s true! I behave exactly like this in these situations!” Or: “That’s why I struggle to do that thing! It’s because of that square!” Or even “That’s why people always tell me I’m aggressive even though I don’t feel that way!”

My self-awareness took a huge leap forward.

Hi, I am Iordanus.

During the last 20 years I’ve studied different Esoteric Arts like Hermeticism, Kabbalah, Alchemy, Gnosticism, Tarot, and especially Astrology. That 360° knowledge made me able to see all the connections and the integrations between all those subjects, and so I was able even to go in-depth with the understanding of the Astrological Art, getting its true essence.

I want to share that knowledge with you, to help you to understand yourself and the Cosmos deeper, using Astrology.

Knowing yourself is what allows you to improve yourself.

Once I became aware of my flaws, inner conflicts, or unhealthy behaviors, I was finally able to act to correct them and change for the better.

You should know that I have a very “powerful” Mars within my natal chart. It is undoubtedly the “power player” of my personality. This often leads me to be very assertive in my ways and communication with others, or even perceived as rude or aggressive by those around me.

The point is that I was completely unaware of this before, as it is something that is triggered entirely unconsciously within my psyche.

But reading the analysis of my Birth Chart done by a professional was like shining a spotlight on a dark area of my psyche where my Mars was hiding.

It was a revelation: I was finally able to see with extreme clarity the action of my Mars on my behavior, but above all, I had obtained a “culprit”, a subject to focus my attention and concentration on when necessary.

In fact, from that moment on, I was able to notice when “aggressive” psychological mechanisms were triggered within me that were not necessary, dictated by my Mars, and therefore I was also able to take countermeasures.

“No Mars, calm down, there’s no need to get worked up like that. Now calm down.” That’s what I now repeat to myself every time my Mars flares up for no valid reason.

Finally, I was able to exercise my self-control with awareness, and this has greatly improved my relationships with others, especially with those who don’t know me well.

But on the other hand, that self-awareness has also allowed me to evoke the strength of my Mars when necessary, such as during sports competitions.

“Let’s go Mars! It’s time to unleash! Let’s do it!” That’s what I repeat to myself every time I need all my determination, anger, and energy to win a sports competition (I have been practicing wushu-kung fu for many years).

This kind of self-awareness can therefore be a powerful tool in your personal growth journey, as I have seen from my own experience.

That’s why I’m here today: I want to give you the same opportunity to know yourself better, to understand who you are, which actors are acting within you, and not to be passively and unconsciously carried away by your psychological mechanisms.


My Personal Portrait

Get to know every piece of your personality to increase your self-awareness and, as a result, improve the quality of your life.

-My Personal Portrait- is my service of analyzing your Birth Chart that will allow you to see the causes of all recurring patterns in your life, not just the effects.

Here’s what you’ll get:

  • Stop feeling “wrong.”
    Reading the psychological interpretation of your natal chart will allow you to begin a moving journey of self-acceptance and finally achieve greater inner peace.
  • You will be able to see your unhealthy behaviors clearly.
    Understanding your critical points, challenges, or inner struggles will enable you to activate targeted self-healing mechanisms.
  • You will clearly understand your strengths.
    Knowing your virtues, talents, or natural inclinations will help you take advantage of them, feel more confident, and understand what your purest potentials may be.
  • My advice on what you can do to manage the critical aspects of your personality or draw strength from your virtues.
    Although I am not a certified psychologist, my private studies have given me extensive knowledge in psychology, and I also have a solid experience as a counselor. That’s why I decided to include all the advice that can help you face the challenges that may arise from your Natal Chart, focusing mainly on the difficult aspects such as Squares and Oppositions, or particularly troubled Planets.

How – My Personal Portrait – works

You will receive a PDF file of about 30/40 pages in A5 format containing a detailed analysis of each piece of your Birth Chart, personally written by me, English language only.

It will be like a small personalized book that speaks entirely about who you are:

–– The Pillars of your Personality.

  • In the first part, I will examine what I call “The Pillars of Your Personality,” which are those elements of the Birth Chart that represent the cornerstones of your inner world, namely: your Sun and your Moon, which represent the complementary sides of your Self, your Ascendant, which represents your specific individuality, and your “Master of the Chart,” which is the most important and influential planet in your Birth Chart, the one that guides your entire existence.

–– About your natal Planets’ placements.

  • In the second part, you will find the interpretations of the positions of your Planets in the Zodiac, so that you can clearly see how each part of you is expressed into your own psyche.

–– The analysis of your Aspects.

  • In the third part, I will instead illustrate all the Aspects that I find in your Chart: your Conjunctions, Squares, Sextiles, Trines, and so on.
    Aspects are geometric relationships that can happen between two or more Planets and that form interactions between the various pieces of your psyche.

    They are extremely important in your personal psychological framework, as they are the major responsible for the challenges, trials, inner conflicts, and tensions in your life, but also for your strengths, talents, or natural inclinations. 

    That’s why this is where I will focus more on giving you my personal advice on how to face your challenges or how to make the most of your virtues.

–– About your Astrological Houses.

  • The fourth part is instead dedicated to your Astrological Houses, which are the different areas of your life such as: Health, Work, Transcendence, Relationships, etc., and how you face them, manage them, and where you focus more.

–– Other Chart’s elements.

  • Finally, there will be interpretations of all the other elements of your Birth Chart that you may have chosen to include in this analysis, which will take your understanding of your psychological framework even deeper.

–– A “piece-by-piece” psychological interpretation.

  • I chose to use a “piece by piece” interpretation approach of your Birth Chart because my experience has taught me that clearly identifying the precise cause of a problem or the source of an inner tension helps much more in your process of self-acceptance and is also much more useful in triggering the mechanisms of self-healing subsequently, this is because you will have a precise “target” on which to focus your will and the strength of your intention.

    Moreover, for the same reasons, this approach will also help you to have a well-defined subject to “invoke” every time you want to take advantage of a strong point of your personality.

–– Personalized Chart.

  • On the cover of the PDF, you will also find the drawing of your personal Alchemical Seal made by me using the Sacred Geometry of the Golden Ratio with the fundamental elements of your Birth Chart, so it will be fully personalised. It will be like having your own alchemical portrait where to focus your meditations.

–– You will receive it within 30 days.

  • Unfortunately, making a detailed analysis of a Birth Chart is a complex operation that requires time and it is materially impossible to do it instantly or even in just a few days. That’s why it can also take up to 30 days to prepare your – My Personal Portrait -.

    After accepting your payment, I will immediately start working on the psychological analysis of your Chart, but I ask you to be patient, as you will certainly not receive it within a few days. However, I promise that I will do my best to provide you with the reading of your Chart within 30 working days of your request.

–– Limited availability.

  • Because conducting a psychological analysis of a Natal Chart takes time, and my time is scarce due to all my other activities, I can only accept a limited number of requests for “My Personal Portrait.”

    That’s why this time I can only accept 5 requests.

    Once all the available spots are filled, I will close the registration for this service and I don’t know when I will be able to reopen it again.

“Thank you very much for the natal chart analysis. It is really well done, I am really impressed and grateful! 

It is very acurate and I definitely recognize myself in it. I felt even scared as if someone read my mind, heart and soul.

The explanation about my Venus sextile Saturn is so true, unbelievable. And since I started using it in my job, my career is improving really fast!”

– Hilal H.

Better than 100% risk-free – 15 days money back guarantee

If after reading “My Personal Portrait,” you don’t love it, I commit to refunding 100% of the purchase price. Additionally, you can keep the analysis of your Birth Chart. That’s why this guarantee is better than 100% risk-free.

I have several years of experience in reading Birth Charts, and everyone who has received my interpretations has always been satisfied and gained the self-awareness they were seeking. 

That’s why I’m so confident in the quality of the psychological analysis I’m offering you, and that “My Personal Portrait” will also satisfy you and help you navigate your life more easily.

You’ll have 15 full days to read the psychological analysis of your Birth Chart (multiple times), and if you believe that I haven’t done a good job for you, you can send me an email AT ANY TIME requesting a refund, and I’ll do it without asking any questions.

Of course, this 15-day guarantee will start from the day you receive your PDF file of “My Personal Portrait.”

Which option is right for you?

You have two different versions of “My Personal Portrait” available: the Silver version and the Gold version.

The main difference between the two versions is the number of elements from your Birth Chart that I will analyze to create your psychological analysis.

Just remember that I have a limited number of Birth Chart analyses that I can do this month, only a total of 5.

Once the 5 spots are filled, I will close this service and I don’t know when I will be able to reopen it again.

So, if you finally want to get a tool for elucidation, guidance, and personal growth, it’s time to act. 

“My Personal Portrait” reports still available:

2 left

Choose yours:

 My Personal Portrait


In this version of the analysis, I will examine:

  • The Sun, the Moon, your Rising Sign, and the “Master of the Chart”

  • The zodiacal position of all other Planets, including Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto.

  • All your major Aspects (if present): Conjunctions, Sextiles, Trines, Squares, and Oppositions.

  • All your major astrological Houses, i.e., those where your Planets are located.

Now available for


My Personal Portrait


In this version of the analysis, I will examine:

  • Everything included in the Silver version


  • The position of your Lunar Nodes (Sign + House + Aspects)

  • The position of your Lilith (Sign + House + Aspects)

  • The position of your Chiron (Sign + House + Aspects)

  • Your “minor” Aspects (if present): Semisextile and Quincunx

  • The celestial position of all your Cardinal Houses: Ascendant, Descendant, Midheaven, and IC (Nadir).

Now available for


Option no. 1

My Personal Portrait

– Silver –

It includes the interpretation of all the minimum, necessary, and indispensable elements to create a solid, clear, and functional psychological analysis of your personality. As far as I’m concerned, it’s impossible to do a quality Birth Chart analysis with fewer than these elements.

You will find here piece-by-piece interpretations of all the fundamental parts of your Chart, that is, all the ones that are most powerful and most evident in your life.

Although this analysis doesn’t cover every single detail of your Natal Chart, it will still give you a fairly complete picture of who you are, what you’re worth, and where your strengths and weaknesses are.

That’s what you’ll get:

  • Your Sun, your Moon, your Rising Sign, and the “Master of the Chart”

    Here you will find analyses of the pieces that make up your true essence. Only by knowing the “Pillars of your personality” will you be able to see the main causes of why you behave the way you do and what psychological forces will always guide your entire existence.

  • The zodiacal position of all other Planets, including Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto

    Planets represent the “what” and Zodiac Signs the “how”. Here, you will learn how they interact. That’s why you will find a detailed analysis of every piece of your character here: how you love, how you grow, how you obtain stability, how you use your intellect, how you react to adversity, and so on. Additionally, I will show you the strengths and weaknesses of each of your Planets so that you can finally become aware of them.

  • All your major Aspects (if present): Conjunctions, Sextiles, Trines, Squares, and Oppositions

    Aspects are the elements of your Chart that reveal whether the various pieces of your personality are in harmony or disturbed.
    So, here you can find out, for example, what persistent challenges you face in your life and how to confront them, what your inner tensions and conflicts are, and how to resolve them.
    You can also learn which elements of your personality work together in synergy, combining forces to create your best qualities, and how to use them to improve your life.

  • All your major astrological Houses, i.e., those where your Planets are located.

    Here you will learn in which areas of your life each piece of your Self expresses its qualities most. This, in addition to helping you better understand yourself, will also help you understand why you focus mainly on certain aspects of your life, or even realize that you are “obsessed” with certain parts of your life without even knowing it.
    This kind of awareness is what will help you build greater balance in your life or even understand which field your qualities are best expressed in a natural way.

This report consists of approximately 30/40 pages in A5 format.

Also remember that on its cover, you will find your personal Alchemical Seal that I will create using the Sacred Geometry of the Golden Ratio united with the celestial positions of your Planets: it’s like your esoteric portrait.

Please remember that enter your birth time and birth place is required.

Get yours for USD:


(Sales taxes may apply depending on your location)

Option no. 2

My Personal Portrait

– Gold –

This report includes everything in the Silver version, but you will also find about 10-20 additional pages that go deeper into self-knowledge.

Here you will also find interpretations piece by piece of additional parts of your natal chart, in order to have an even more detailed picture of your personality and a deeper understanding of your life.

In particular, you will find more emphasis on the “karmic” aspects of your natal chart, i.e. those related to your Lunar Nodes, Lilith, and Chiron.

This requires more work, time, and resources dedicated to the realization of your psychological analysis, but I am happy to offer you this service if you want to further expand your self-awareness to be in complete sync with who you are, and take huge steps in your personal growth journey.

Here’s what you’ll get in addition to the Silver version:

  • The analysis of the celestial position of all your Cardinal Houses: Ascendant, Descendant, Midheaven, and IC (Nadir).

    The 4 Cardinal Houses represent the reference points of your life: Analyzing the Ascendant will tell you how you act in the world, analyzing the Descendant will tell you how the world acts on you, discovering your IC will let you know where your Self sinks its deep roots, and interpreting your Midheaven will help you understand where your aspirations and ideals lie.

  • Your “minor” Aspects (if present): Semisextile and Quincunx.

    Even though these Aspects are defined as “minor,” they can reveal to you many useful details to complete the picture of the challenges that your personality entails.

  • The interpretation of your Lunar Nodes

    The 2 Lunar Nodes form the directional axis of your existence. Here you can better understand the past path of your Soul and towards where it is directed in your current existence.

  • The interpretation of your Chiron (Sign + House + Aspects)

    Chiron reveals to us your “karmic wound,” but it also contains clues on how to heal it.

  • The interpretation of your Lilith (Sign + House + Aspects)

    Black Moon/Lilith mainly speaks to us about something that is “missing” in your life, as well as your spirit of rebellion or your more latent sexual energies, but above all, it speaks to us about missed opportunities and past regrets that your Soul still carries with it.

Even in this version, you will find included your personal Alchemical Seal impressed on the cover.

Please remember that enter your birth time and birth place is required.

Get yours for USD:


(Sales taxes may apply depending on your location)

If you have any questions or concerns about – My Personal Portrait – , email me. I am happy to help.