2 big misconceptions about Zodiac Signs debunked: Gemini is a double-faced person and Sagittarius is an unfaithful cheater

Unfortunately, Astrology is an art full of misconceptions. They are in almost every topic related to it, and that happens because of 2 main reasons: – a lack of 360˚ knowledge of the esoteric matters and a superficial approach in a matter which would request great depth instead. 

So, many “profane astrologers”, as I define them, wrote a lot of “cookie-cutter” books full of oversimplifications and superficial interpretations and that helped in spreading misconceptions everywhere.

Of course, one of the fields of Astrology with the most part of misconceptions is the treatment of the 12 Zodiacal Signs and their basic personalities. It’s perfectly normal because the Zodiac Sign is the first, and often the only, thing which interests the mainstream audience.

And that’s why so many times I heard something like: – “Are you a Taurus? You are stubborn!” – “Oh you are a Scorpio! You are soooooo deeep!” – and many other misconceptions about almost every Sign.

So, I’m here today to debunk 2 of the biggest misconceptions attributed as fundamental psychological traits of 2 Zodiac Signs:

– 1 – Gemini is a double-faced person – 2 – Sagittarius is an unfaithful cheater in love relations.

Enough with premises. Let’s start with the first one immediately.

Geminis are double-faced persons.

This is one of the most superficial misconceptions about a Zodiacal Sign that exists; it’s the classic “cook-book” astrology interpretation or something for amateurs. Obviously, that originates from the distorted meaning of the archetypal imagine attributed to Gemini, namely, the Twins.

The image of the twins is roughly perceived as 2 identical persons who are even distinct from each other, and this is simplistically interpreted as a signal of a double-personality, so this character trait is attributed to Gemini persons.

That is the origin of the Geminis’ reputation as false, hypocritical persons; the double-faced persons who you cannot trust completely, because they say something good in front of you, while are ready to stab you when are behind you.

But, as I said before, this kind of interpretation is completely wrong.

The archetypal image of the twins from Gemini’s constellation stays not to symbolize something “double”, but rather something “dual”.

 -Double – and – Dual – seem similar words, but their intimate meanings are pretty different. In fact, “Duality” indicates something that is formed by the union and the interaction between 2 opposite polar forces; They are 2 and 1 at the same time. 

The Zodiac Sign of Gemini embodies precisely that concept: It represents the alliance and the union between 2 polar manifestations, well symbolized by the 2 twins.

That is pretty clear when we analyze the myth associated with the Gemini constellation: the myth of the 2 twin brothers Castor and Pollux, those who, and it isn’t a case, give their names to the 2 most important stars of the constellation. 

In fact, the 2 twin brothers were generated at the same time from the same mother, but Castor was mortal, son of a king, while Pollux was immortal, son of god Zeus, who seduced the mother during pregnancy, according to the mythology. 

We can already notice the dualism inside the twin brothers: They look identical, but one is mortal, who symbolize the body and the matter, while the other one is immortal, and symbolize the soul and the spirit.

The 2 brothers were inseparable and accomplished many feats together, until the day when, after a fierce battle, Castor was killed. Pollux didn’t want to abandon the brother, so he prayed Zeus to make even him mortal, in order that he could reunite with Castor in the Afterlife. Zeus was touched by that, but he didn’t want to renounce to his son Pollux forever. So he commanded that Castor and Pollux must live alternatively one day in the reign of the dead and one day in the reign of the livings.

Once again, we can see here the symbolism of dualism, embodied by the alliance between the 2 poles: Castor [mortal-matter-passive principle] would be dead forever if Pollux [immortal-spirit-active principle] didn’t help him. 

Furthermore, into the alternation between the world of livings and the world of the dead we can also recognize the psychological symbolism of the Conscious, the world of the livings, manifested, and the Unconscious, the world of the dead, invisible; The twin brothers find a synthesis between the 2 opposite worlds, so they represent a balance, an harmony between the 2 poles of the psyche.

All of this is also perfectly in tune with the psychological role of Gemini’s Planet Ruler, namely Mercury.

In fact, Mercury is the Planet that acts as a “mediator” between the 2 Luminaries, the Sun and the Moon, those 2 Planets which represent precisely the Conscious and the Unconscious on the Birth Chart, the rational sphere, and the emotional sphere.

Even on the alchemical symbolism, Mercury is the androgynous Planet, it is the only Planet that can be Humid – Feminine, when it passes near the lunar sphere, and it can be Dry – Masculine when it passes near the solar sphere.

So, the point is that the Zodiacal Sign of Gemini represents the meeting and the alliance between the 2 opposites that work together for the same goal, and then it can be psychologically translated as an inner balance, or better still, a synergy between logic and emotions, and not a sort of bipolar disorder, or a double personality that manifests falsity and hypocrisy.   

Now is clear why “Geminis are double-faced people” is a huge misconception, because of a silly prejudice based on poor knowledge of the esoteric principles and cosmological laws that are the foundation of Astrological Art.

Obviously, all of that doesn’t mean that a Gemini person cannot be a double-faced lier, as always, it will be the whole disposition of the Planets and their Aspects in the Birth Chart that will tell us if there is a predisposition in manifesting those psychological traits or not. The point is that is so wrong giving to Gemini a double personality as a fundamental psychological trait; for the reason we showed above, it is not wrong only, it is completely the opposite.

Sagittarius is an unfaithful cheater

This misconception about Sagittarius people has its origin from the superficial interpretation of one of the main psychological traits of them: the thirst for adventure.

So the “Astrology cook-books” and profane astrologers often confusing the innate love for adventure of Sagittarians with a sort of predisposition in cheating their love partner, because they want even many sexual adventures. 

But as I said before, this kind of interpretation is too superficial and approximate.

Indeed, the Sagittarius persons are basically very loyal persons, and this can be confirmed by anyone who has a Sagittarius even just for as a friend: they are always helpful, present when you need, correct and faithful even after a long time you didn’t see them; even if you don’t see them for years, when they meet you again is like you’ve met the day before.

That kind of loyalty is not just because Sagittarius loves sociality, but it derives from the Planet Ruler of this Zodiac Sign: Jupiter, and Jupiter is the Planet that represents Justice, Wisdom, the moral and ethic, all concepts that contrast with the dishonesty which would derive from cheating the love partner.

It would be more correct affirming that the Sagittarius can have a tendency in changing many different partners, but one by one; that happens because it is always in search for new interests, experiences, and stimuli; Boredom and monotony are its worst enemies, so they can lead this Sign in having interest for many different persons instead of stay focused on one only. Anyway, as I said, in love relationships Sagittarius’ loyalty and sense of justice prevent cheating. It’s much probable that he/she breaks with the current partner first, and then starts another relationship with the new love interest, so there will be no wrong or injustice toward the previous partner.  

That sort of “self-control” upon the pure sexual impulses is also well represented by the archetypal image of the Sign: Sagittarius means “archer”, yes, but that archer is even a centaur, a creature which is half horse and half-human. 

The horse represents the “animal”, so the instinctual plane of the psyche, while the human represents the intellect, so the rational and aware plane of the psyche.

We can also notice here the difference between Sagittarius and the other Fire Signs, Aries and Leo; those last 2 are respectively the Ram and the Lion, they are represented by 2 pure animals which symbolically suggests to us their more wild and feral nature respect to the centaur that posses even the human element. 

We can see there even a parallelism with Gemini, and that is perfectly logical because Sagittarius and Gemini are opposite and complementary Signs into the Zodiacal Wheel. In some way, they mirror each other. 

If in Gemini we find the duality represented by the 2 twins, as I’ve shown in the first part of this article, in Sagittarius we find the same duality represented by the centaur: the half-horse stays for the Material World and the half-human stays for the Spiritual World. Exactly like in Gemini, those 2 forces work together and interact with each other to make the One.

So, once again, that dual nature of Sagittarius represents a harmony between the opposites, a balance, and it’s right that balance between the pure sexual impulses and moral principles which prevent Sagittarius from cheating in relationships.

Of course, we speak in general here, as always, specific Planets’ positions in the Birth Chart and other factors in there, for example, the position of the Planet Ruler, can make even a Sagittarius a perfect cheater in love relations.

The point is that it’s a misconception giving the trait of “cheater” as a basic psychological trait of Sagittarius Sign, as I just showed you, it’s substantially the opposite of that.      


Pay attention to superficiality. Superficiality is the antithesis of esotericism which is the study of the depths, what is beyond the appearance, what is buried in the intimate nature of the Cosmos, and so is Astrology.

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