Download: Know your Planets, Know Yourself • Astrology Fundamentals

When starting to learn Astrology, it’s hard to know what you should learn first. There are so many concepts and every single of them seems important. But they are not all the same. My long experience in Astrology taught me that there are some fundamentals that are more important than others because are the base to understand everything else.

Still, nobody seems to talk about this. They just write their interpretations on different topics. While some of these might be good, they never tell you: why it works that way, how you can do that, where to start a Birth Chart’s interpretation, which are the main points, which are the laws behind them.

This is exactly why I wrote this guide. There are all the main concepts you must know about Astrology to make all the right psychological interpretations, first of all about yourself, but you can use what you will learn to make every other interpretations about the Stars.

In this guide you will find an introduction to each one of them, highlighting the key points you should know, why they are important and how they work. So you will start interpreting your own Natal Chart to understand your main psychological traits.

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