Discover yourself, why you are the way you are, and all the patterns in your life, learning how to interpret your Birth Chart

How many times did you felt overwhelmed and lost when you attempted to understand how Astrology works to get your own psychological portrait?

You’ve opened your Natal Chart, and you have suddenly been confused by the huge amount of information. So you went to look for some explanations around the web or some books, but all you got seems superficial and contradictory, nothing goes straight to the point, and it’s hard to find reliable sources, with the result that you’ve felt even much lost, and all your questions about yourself were still there: 

  • What are my attitudes and predispositions?

  • Why do certain things seem to happen to me?

  • Why do I seem to notice a certain pattern of behavior in my life?

  • How can I activate self-healing processes if I’m not even able to understand the causes of my struggles and failures? 

When I started approaching Astrology to find out who I am, I had the same questions and I found the same barriers: Hundreds of experts that forgot how hard was at the beginning, who talked to me like I was a professional astrologer, assuming that I already knew the vocabulary, the symbols, the implied meanings, while I still looked at the circle drawing like it was an ancient Egyptian papyrus.

All of that has to be ended here.

Now imagine to be able to get a clear look at yourself through your Birth Chart, imagine to look at your Birth Chart as a roadmap to life, imagine to be able to finally know who you are; where are your challenges, what are your strong traits, why you behave the way you do. 

Imagine starting a heartwarming path of self-acceptance and being finally able to see the causes of your behaviors and not the effects only.

Imagine having the gift that unlocks the secrets of the Universe and that can be very helpful in your whole life: to understand yourself, other people, and the cosmos better.  

My program “Understanding your Soul” is here just for that.

Here you will learn how to use Astrology to raise the awareness of yourself and the world around you

It will bring light upon sides into your psyche that are overlooked or overshadowed. 

It will give you a new way of approaching a problem that you probably wouldn’t have otherwise considered. 

It will help you in making your life more meaningful and less stressful.

You can use the astrological knowledge that I share with you even to provide practical and achievable advice to people lost and confused in their lives, like your friends or your loved ones.

Here you will learn all this in an organic way, with a summarised and organized method that will bring order in all the chaos of pieces of information in your mind during your interpretations

Here you’ll get a proper teacher who will give you solid bases and not just some trivial meanings that will leave you that annoying question in your mind: –“How did they come to those answers?”–, because you will learn here how to “think astrologically” instead of just leaning on tradition.

It took me more than 20 years to gather all the astrological knowledge and the experience, but you can save all that time, because I’m here to give you a logical path, with a more scientific approach and less “dabbling with the occult”, that even the most beginner can easily follow, and becoming able to read his chart confidently, and so you will be more harmonized with yourself, and capable to handle life in a more controlled and balanced way.

So, in my – Understanding your Soul – you’ll learn:

  • The very basics of Astrology that most people skips, which is what makes your interpretations superficial.

  • How the astrological mechanism works, every law, every rule, and, above all, their “why”.

  • A practical method of interpretation, with concrete examples, that will help you in making one step at time, preventing confusion.

  • The understanding of every piece of your personality through the Planets’ analysis.

The course is structured in insightful video lessons that explain in a straightforward way each concept you need to read your Chart and raise your self-awareness.

You’ll find 5 Modules for a total of almost 3 hours of video lessons covering all the fundamentals of the astrological interpretations about Planets and Zodiacal Signs, which are the gate for your inner world:

  • Module 1 – The Astrological Mechanism 

Lesson: The Astrological mechanism: How Astrology speaks about your personality 

• Module 2 – Understanding the Birth Chart

– Lesson: Understanding the Birth Chart: The fundamental tool to study the human psyche through the stars.

• Module 3 – Symbology: the key to understand Astrology 

– Lesson 1: The Thema Mundi: the scheme of the cosmic order as a guide to understand the astrological laws and their interpretations 

– Lesson 2: The Symbology of Alchemy: Understanding the Zodiac through the 4 Alchemical Elements and their psychological meanings 

– Lesson 3: The Symbology of Alchemy – Part 2: The 3 Qualities – Understanding the main psychological tendencies through the cycles of the Zodiac

Lesson 4: Planets and Alchemy: Knowing the alchemical characteristics of the Planets to help your interpretations of them

  • Module 4 – The 7 Personal Planets and their psychological meanings  

– Lesson 1: The classification of Planets: How each Planet corresponds to each part of the human psyche 

– Lesson 2: Dignities and Debilities: Benefits and handicaps that help us in understanding a Planet into the Birth Chart 

– Lesson 3: The Sun: Understanding its meanings into the Birth Chart to understand your own Self

– Lesson 3-B: Archetypes of the Sun: Knowing the archetypes connected to the Sun to better understand its psychological meanings

– Lesson 4: The Moon: Understanding your Unconscious and the origin of your emotions 

– Lesson 4-B: Archetypes of the Moon: Knowing the archetypes connected to the Moon to better understand its psychological meanings 

– Lesson 5: Mercury: Understanding the role of the logical mind inside your personality 

– Lesson 6: Venus: The way you feel, the way you love.

– Lesson 7: Mars: Knowing your unleashed energy and your impulses 

– Lesson 8: Jupiter: The expansive force inside you – the way you improve yourself and the world around you

– Lesson 9: Saturn: The contraction force inside your psyche – your limits, your trials, and how you make your inner stability thanks to them 

  • Module 5 – Start your interpretations 

   – Lesson: Starting the interpretations about your Planets: Start making your psychological portrait analyzing your Natal Chart

Lifetime access.

The course is online and accessible from anywhere. It is pre-recorded, so you don’t have to show up for live classes in the middle of your day.

You can follow it at your own pace, and you will have lifetime access to the contents. Maybe you need to pause the course to go on vacation, or life and work take over, not leaving enough time.

No problem, since you get lifetime access to the course and can resume it whenever you want.

You can use the course to understand the core of Astrology now and then review it later to refresh your knowledge or deepen your understanding.

Lifetime access means even that you will get all the next lessons and future updates with no extra charge.

Is “Understanding your Soul” right for you?

I want to make you sure that my course is right for you. I don’t want that you go through a course that doesn’t solve your problems and questions.

So, “Understanding your Soul” is NOT for you if:

  • You think to already know everything about Planets and Zodiac

  • You are looking for explanations about Aspects, Houses, Lunar Nodes, or other advanced knowledge

  • You already have a practical method of interpretation that works

  • You are looking for other pre-packaged interpretations

  • You are looking for sidereal/vedic Astrology, this is about western\tropical Astrology

  • You already know all the “why” behind each astrological rule or concept 

“Understanding your Soul” is RIGHT for you if:

  • You want to learn how to “think astrologically” instead of just memorizing some trivial answers and shallow interpretations.

  • You are a beginner who doesn’t know where to start and which are the priority elements to learn about the interpretation of the Natal Chart.

  • You are an expert who studied randomly for years, got many concepts, but feels stuck because needs to make order in its astrological knowledge.

  • You need a pragmatic and rational approach to the subject and no more “mumbo-jumbo” stuff.

  • You need to know who you are, become aware of your trials and strong points, understand how you are “designed” to being able to unlock your potentials and possibilities   

Try “Understanding your Soul” for a full 30 days, 100% risk-free.

If this course doesn’t help you in improving your astrological knowledge and consequently improving yourself through it, I insist that you get 100% of your money back.

If you proof me that you followed all the lessons and they were useless to your self-awareness, then I totally refund you. 

But if you want to join the course just because you are curious and want to jump randomly through it, then no, it’s a waste of time and resources for me.

This guarantee extends for a full 30 days after you join, which is more than enough to follow the entire course, absorb the material, and put it into practice.

If you don’t find insightful contents for you, email me at any time during the first 30 days, show me that you’ve followed all the lessons, and I will refund 100% of your price.

I have no intention of keeping your money if you’re dissatisfied, but I insist that you commit to taking action, and not take the course just to put it aside to gather dust. I cannot take responsibility for your inaction.

Just remember, “Understanding your Soul” closes to new members soon. If you are interested, you need to act now.

 – Understanding your Soul – is now available for 49$